In Loving Memory of Kylie Lou

In loving memory of Kylie Lou, 1997-2017, the best kitty friend a girl could hope for <3

Kylie came into my life right after I turned 29. I had just left a terrible marriage, and had led a life of impulsiveness. I arrived back in Los Angeles with my suitcases, got an apartment, got a job, and a few weeks later, got a car. The day I got a car was the day I got Kylie. I had determined that I needed a reason to stay put, and to start dealing with the multitude of things that continued to make me want to run away from it all. A cat, I decided, would make me responsible. Would make me stay. Would make me deal with everything else. I continued to be impulsive, but instead of quitting my job and running away to some foreign country on a dime, I would rearrange my whole apartment. I did that at least a few times a year.

Kylie entered my life when I had decided I needed some stability and worked really hard for it. She entered my life when I needed a grounding influence. She entered my life when I left my bad marriage. She stayed with me for 19 years. I think it was no coincidence that her health took a sudden downturn right after Clay proposed to me. I think she knew she took me through the instability, and made sure I was going to be cared for. The last week of her life she was slowing down day by day. I hadn’t noticed how much until the day before she died. It was New Years day. I got up to feed her as I always do. She didn’t want the food, and she was very wobbly on her legs. I tried multiple other foods until she ate a little bit. I knew this was the end for her. She had been slowly declining over the past 3 years or so when she was first diagnosed with beginning stage kidney failure. I just knew it was the end. I knew I needed to take her to her vet, who had cared so well for her the past few years. I knew he would be the one to help her go. That night, I stayed with her as I watched her body get weaker and weaker. I had left a message with the vet’s office (which of course was closed New Years Day) letting them know I needed an appointment for the following day for euthanasia. I knew I had to wait til 8am to hear back from them, and I wasn’t sure if Kylie would make it long enough to get there for a gentle death. I feared what death at home might be like. I hoped for her that she could just go gently in her sleep. About 20 minutes before 8am, Clay came in and said goodbye. They said their goodbyes, and within just 5 minutes or so, with my arms around her, she started twitching gently, hugged herself, and stopped breathing. It was very gentle, and if there is such a thing as a sweet death, it was a very sweet death.

Kylie mothered a number of kitties over the years. I got her Caesar as a special present when she was just a year old, as she was a little traumatized by moving from her old home where she was half-feral, into a home with just me. Caesar lived to be 10 and was a great pal for Kylie. They were super buddies. Kylie also mothered Mango and Rizzo, up until I was pressured by an ex to find them homes. I just found out that Mango had to be put down last year due to cancer (she was 13) and Rizzo is still alive at 14. Kylie also mothered Goldie and Charlie. She loved them both very much, loving to cuddle with them every chance she could get. They in turn loved her back so much! Kylie has also known most of my friends, and of course all of my other kitties (of which there have been many). Kylie also died on the 3 year anniversary of Goldie’s death. Kylie was a sweet, smart, loving, gentle girl, and she was my family. It is a sad day, but I am glad she died with me by her side, loving and supporting her. That is exactly what she did for me, and she deserved the same love and support back.

I love you Kylie, always and forever.
Your friend, Jen