Coffee O'Clock and Muffin Earrings, Illustrations by Jen D. Kent


Just a small sample of some of my artwork

I sometimes create straight in Adobe Illustrator, but mostly, I hand draw my characters, and then convert them to a vector format. To create the jewelry I sell, I then print the design at the correct size (usually 25mm, 20mm or 12mm), and then glue the glass cabochons to the paper. I wait for them to dry, then cut them out and then glue them into nickel and lead-free metal bezels. I often add charms and / or beads, and then sell the finished product!

I also get lots of requests from clients wanting custom artwork from their photos. Sometimes they just want a framed print, and sometimes they want a keychain or necklace token. You can read more on the Custom Artwork page - I'll be adding more artwork little by little.